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Unconditioned awareness or nonduality – Video

Peter Fenner interviewed at Conscious TV Download the PDF transcription of this dialogue […] Peter: Unconditioned awareness is awareness. In a way we don’t have to say that awareness itself is unconditioned because it’s already unconditioned. Awareness itself is different […]

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The ultimate goal of all striving

Buddhism captured my attention over 40 years ago when I was a university student. The idea that our needs and preferences are the source of our suffering made immediate sense at an intellectual level. Having what we don’t want, and […]

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Selflessness and the Mandala of Pure Perception

By Peter Fenner, Ph.D. The buddhas teach that there is a self, that there is no self, and that there is neither a self nor the absence of a self. Nagarjuna The flower’s perfume has no form, but it pervades […]

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How will this change me—will I be happier?

A question that frequently, and naturally, arises in any type of transformational work is, “How will this change me?” “Will I be more effective?” “Will I suffer less?” People would like to hear that their lives will be richer, more […]

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What is Nonduality? Video

Non duality a brief introduction by Peter Fenner

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Entering into Natural Meditation

Peter's Interview with Vince Horn of Buddhist Geeks audio show Read a partial transcription Peter: […] I was able to present Buddhist teachings on emptiness and really open it up in a way that people could have a direct taste […]

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What is "I", Peter Fenner on deconstruction – Video

Peter Fenner at the Science and Nonduality Conference Deconstruction is something that we think we have to do in order to arrive at this place. But nothing needs to happen to be here.

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Nonduality and Radiant Mind – Video

The Radiant Mind Course and what is nonduality

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Who is Peter Fenner, what does he offer? – Video

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Nonduality interview – Video

What is the unconditioned mind? Why engage in practice, isn’t that a paradox? Nonduality Interview: Who is Peter Fenner? How do you know if you are experiencing nondual awareness? Experiencing nondual awareness in the Radiant Mind Course

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