The terms "nondual" and "nonduality" have entered our Western spiritual language very quickly.  The term "nondual" means "not two."  It is used very commonly in all Mahayana Buddhist traditions and in Advaita Hinduism to refer to the state of reality that arises when we discover that boundaries between inside ourselves and an outside can't be found. Other terms used to refer to the "nondual" include: the undivided, primordial reality, suchness, no-mind, buddhamind, the ineffable, and non-self.  The term "non-dual" is shorthand for "this," that goes beyond the categories of being indivisible or segmented.

There are many places to go to find interesting resources about nonduality, nondual teaching and nondual psychology and therapy. We haven't attempted to catalog all the resources here. Other people are doing that very well.  But here are some of links to help you.

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