Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training

Led by Peter Fenner, Ph.D., Director of Education of Timeless Wisdom and Creator of Radiant Mind®

The 10 month Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training is designed for people who wish to expand and refine their capacity to offer nondual awareness as a component of their teaching, coaching or psychotherapy with individuals or groups.

Nondual transmission to groups and individuals by Peter Fenner

The Natural Awakening Training is based on the synthesis of Asian nondual approaches that has been developed by Peter Fenner. Peter’s approach has been refined and tested over 40 years by thousands of people in workshops, courses and retreats. His synthesis draws on the most powerful aspects of traditions such Madhyamika, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen and Advaita. These are woven into a form of space creation and facilitation that is refined, minimalist, smooth, and very efficient in the delivery of the pure nondual contentless transmission in an interactive group setting.

A dynamic learning environment

This Training is unique in bringing together people from diverse nondual traditions and lineages. Together we create a synergistic dynamic that radically enhances everyone’s capacity to embody and share nondual awareness within their clients, communities and beyond. The framework for the Training is based on the form of nondual transmission that has been developed by Peter Fenner.  This framework provides a model and set of distinctions for discerning the subtleties of nondual transmission.  The framework is elaborated in a Manual prepared for the Training. Have a look at the Table of Content of the Natural Awakening Training Manual.

The Training is not limited to this framework.  You will share and demonstrate your own experiments and learning with others in the Training.  You will refine your capacity for nondual transmission through fieldwork in which you share nondual awareness through dialogs and contemplation with people outside of the Training.  You will learn through your own active engagement and focused feedback from Peter and other participants. The Training is thoroughly experiential.  Together we create a depth of immersion in nondual transmission that is unparalleled.

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