Video Course

Following the publication of Natural Awakening, in early 2016 I will begin offering Natural Awakening Video Conference Course.  This Program will allow people to dig deeply into nondual dialog, contemplative process and other skills that are described in the Guide, particularly in Part One.

Natural-Awakening Video-Course with Peter Fenner

I have identified a set of Core Competences for sharing nondual awareness.  These competences cover the full range of “what is needed” to powerfully and delicately share awareness with others.  The Competences dovetail completely with the Guide. I have reverse engineered the skills used in workshops, longer courses and individual coaching in order that they can be easily identified and integrated by Course participants.  The Course focusses on the experiential process of nondual transmission.

The Course runs is based on 16 x two-hour video conference meetings every two or three weeks. The video conference meetings will be set at 7pm USA Pacific Standard Time.


The contribution to join the Course is US$1200.

Each Video Course is limited to 14 participants.

Application and interview

People will be accepted into the Course through a process of application and interview.

If, after reading Natural Awakening: An Advance Guide for Sharing Nondual Awareness, you are interested in joining a Course, please complete the online Application Form by following this link. If you seem qualified for the Course I will then arrange a time for a Skype or phone interview.