Timeless Wisdom

The mission of Timeless Wisdom is to present the liberating heart of nondual wisdom in forms that are accessible globally. Our function is to share and teach-others-to-share unconditioned awareness, thereby bringing the “ultimate medicine” of nondual freedom to increasing numbers of people throughout the world.

The value of abiding in nondual awareness is inestimable. When consciousness rests in the nondual state nothing is missing; nothing or no one can threaten the imperturbability of awareness itself. To rest and live in this space is the ultimate medicine because nothing needs to change, or remain the same. We are totally engaged—inseparable—from all that is, and unconditionally complete at the same time.

Abiding awareness is the most precious resource available to every human being and for humanity at large; especially as we negotiate our way through this critical phase of human history. There’s no question that the most efficient way to demand less from our delicate environment is to discover the space of authentic self-sufficiency, and live more thoroughly from a place where we’re nourished and fulfilled by awareness itself.

Imagine, for a moment, that each person on the planet is able to find 10% more fulfillment internally, by connecting with pure awareness. The changes would reverberate through every sphere of life—the political, social, inter- and intra-personal. Instead of destroying the planet and each other, we would move into an era of global healing, reconciliation, and profound appreciation of the value of life. The world would become unrecognizable.

Our mission is to make the precious resource of awareness more and more accessible to the public, professional communities, organizations and leaders through skillfully designed courses, retreats, professional Trainings, and support services. Our activities are all designed direct people to the space of unconditioned awareness as a way of transcending suffering and embracing an unknown future; free of fragile hopes and deep-seated fears.

Contemporizing timeless nondual wisdom

Along with others we have consciously adapted the forms for the delivery of nondual wisdom so that they can be easily received by people who are unfamiliar with, or even averse to, Asian spiritual forms and hierarchical guru-disciple relationships. Timeless Wisdom programs are at the cutting edge in terms of simplification, adaptation and relevance. We continue to discover easier and more effective ways for presencing and assimilating nondual awareness.

In our courses there is no cultural dissonance for participants to deal with. Certainly, people’s habits and fixations are challenged, but the forms on which our work is based—workshops, dialogues, conference calls, individual coaching sessions, explorations, and so on—are familiar and welcoming.

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